Overhead Rags that Diffuse light

10'x10' 12'x12' 12'x20' 20'x20' 4'x4' 6'x6' 8'x8'
American Muslin Bleached
American Muslin Un bleached
Bobbin Net Single White
Frost Full
Frost Hi lite
Frost Soft Half
Grid cloth Full White
Grid cloth Half White
Grid cloth Quarter White
Net Bobbin Double Black
Net Bobbin Double White
Net Bobbin Single Black
Net Bobbin Triple Black
Net Fine Lavender
Silk Artificial Black
Silk Artificial White
Silk China Black
Silk China Warm White
Silk Quarter Black
Silk Quarter White

Overhead Rags that Diffuse light

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10'x10', 12'x12', 12'x20', 20'x20', 4'x4', 6'x6', 8'x8'


American Muslin Bleached, American Muslin Un bleached, Bobbin Net Single White, Frost Full, Frost Hi lite, Frost Soft Half, Grid cloth Full White, Grid cloth Half White, Grid cloth Quarter White, Net Bobbin Double Black, Net Bobbin Double White, Net Bobbin Single Black, Net Bobbin Triple Black, Net Fine Lavender, Silk Artificial Black, Silk Artificial White, Silk China Black, Silk China Warm White, Silk Quarter Black, Silk Quarter White