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Rocket Film Equipment, is a premier Global Brand of Motion Picture; Video and Photographic equipment, manufactured in our own contemporary works.

Since our establishment in 1993, we have fostered relationships and have explored product avenues so as to offer unmatched services and products to our customers.
We offer a range of Standard products as well as Branding, Contract design concepts, engineering, prototyping, fulfilment, and high quality manufacturing.
Our personal commitment to our clients is unmatched as we continually strive to improve as partners and co workers. We care about your projects and will work very closely with you to achieve your goals.

Please take a look at samples of our work and feel free to call us any time.

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The success of the company is due to its vibrant team.

Highly skilled and talented technicians, Dependable and knowledgeable Department Heads and Savvy office staff, some who have first-hand knowledge and involvement in the film industry, gives us the edge on any back yarders and makes us highly competitive with the more abundant american companies.
Our team makes sure our products meet the highest standards and match the expectations of the global film industry.

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What we can do for you

Rockets capabilities are constantly growing to meet the continuously changing demands of our customers and the market..We offer a truly broad range of services from simple manufacture and assembly to full project outsourcing capability, from concept to completion, including design, manufacture, inventory stocking and supply.

General Capabilities include: Design; Prototyping; Reverse engineering; Rebuilding; Custom;  Cut and sew;  Metal work; Small Production Runs and Large Volume Manufacturing Runs.

Some of the Processes we use: Silk Screening; Transfers; Embroidery; Custom Labels; Assembly work; Custom Knife and Die Cutting;  Laser cutting; Heat Sealing; High frequency welding; Snap and grommet; Packaging and Fulfillment; Drop Shipments; Installation; Quality and Craftsmanship

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Synergistically e-enable impactful data with high standards in intellectual capital. Authoritatively syndicate client-centric infrastructures through visionary innovation. Dynamically exploit pandemic communities after performance based core competencies.

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