” The Right Tool for the Job “


Our mission is to develop and produce a

product range to inspire the expert in us all

“If the only tool you have is a hammer,

you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

Office Staff


Rocket Film Equipment, was established in 1993 in Sydney Australia by Grant Atkinson and Devina Maxwell; both of whom have been actively involved in the film industry as technicians for years.

The standard product range was designed during Rocket’s initial years and tested in the field with excellent results. Grant’s work as a gaffer – a very experienced lighting technician for films – means that he has had many opportunities to keep up with any developments in the film equipment industry requiring new designs for the bags, pouches and lighting/grip textile products that carry the Rocket Film Equipment Brand name. Grant and our customers provide the inspiration for new product development and maximum input in the design of universal and user-friendly products comes from the customers themselves.

Grant’s continued professional involvement in the film industry gives him the opportunity to test all new products on the film set before release.
The company has expanded markets, with customers in China,  Japan, Taiwan, United Emirates, the Middle East, India, Italy, Greece, Russia and the Untied Kingdom.

The success of the company is due to the vibrant production team who have first-hand knowledge and involvement in the film industry. We have put a lot of effort into the promotion of the “Rocket” name and we are proud to say that the Rocket label is now synonymous with quality and reliability

Since our products are used at the top end of the market, our products must meet the highest standards in order to match the expectations of the global film industry.

Cutting Team

Cutting Team
Ms. Ladda Pengmuangmul Mr. Jukree Khumkum Ms. Saipin Dahnong Ms. Samuan Janhorm Mr. Saksit Srimora Ms. Nadda Srimora

Ms. Ladda Pengmuangmul

Position : Head Cutting
Joined : 2001

" I have worked at Rocket for many years, I have had to adjust to many different workers, Overall my co workers are great and work is good "

Mr. Jukree Khumkum

Position : Packaging and Driver
Joined : 2016

" Since I came to work at the company, I have felt that it's right for me. I'm happy to work here. I love this company "

Ms. Saipin Dahnong

Position : Cutting Assistant
Joined : 20176


" I enjoy working for Rocket, my work colleagues are always ready to help. and don't pressure me."

Ms. Samuan Janhorm

Position : House Keeper
Joined : 2015

" Our company likes to have fun, It is my life. And love it."

Mr. Saksit Srimora

Position : Packing and factory floor
Joined : 2015

" Since I came to work at this company. I feel good and well looked after."

Ms. Nadda Srimora

Position : Cutting Assistant
Joined : 2011

" Since coming to work here, I have benefited a lot. I am happy to work."